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Sinaya is a Death Metal band founded in 2010 by Mylena Monaco in São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2013 was recorded the 1st EP named as “Obscure Raids” with 4 songs, which was well acclaimed all over the country, telling about the compositions and well-played songs.

In 2015, with a new line-up, started to work with Marcelo Pompeu (Korzus) for the upcoming album, and released its first single/video “Buried by Terror”, which reached more places in Brazil, and other countries, showing their musical evolution.

In 2016, Sinaya was the support band for Exodus (EUA) at Carioca Club, they played at the new heavy metal sensation festival “Rock na Praça” in São Paulo and were invited to play at the biggest festival in Peru, Lima Metal Fest, which was part of their first south American tour, going through Argentina, Bolívia and Peru.

In March of 2018, were released the 2nd video “Abyss to Death” for the album “Maze of Madness” launched by Brutal Records, distributed in Europe, North America, Latin america by Sony, PHD and Voice Music, havin the pre-order sold-out, weeks before release date, overcoming all the expectations.

In november they will debut their 1st european tour, with 17 dates in 7 countries, followed by bands like: Pathology (US), Pyrexia (US), Epicardiectomy (CZE) e Kraanium (NOR).

In 2019, Sinaya performed some shows in Brazil and released the single “Riddle Of Death” in video format and Streamings.

In 2020 In 2020, 10 years old anniversary of the band, due the Pandemic, all gigs, including tours, were postponed to 2021, and theo the band is being in pre-production for the next album, which is also scheduled to be recorded next year.

During their trajectory, already played with “Exodus (EUA), Master (EUA), Vader (POL), Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody (ITA), Primal Fear (GER), Sadistic Intent (EUA), Hatchet (EUA), Zakk Stevens (Savatage/Circle II Circle), Ratos de Porão (SP), Claustrofobia (SP), Torture Squad (SP), John Wayne (SP), and many other names of Brazilian and international scene.

Mylena Monaco

Eric Akune

Janaina Melo

Helena Nagagata