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A variety of influences to create something unique

About to release their first video and working hard on debut recordings, the death metal band Sinaya, formed by Mylena Monaco (v/g) Renata Petrelli (g), Camila Toledo (b) and Aline Dutchi (d) have revealed some of their influences that shape, even inderectly, the group´s sound.

Mylena was the first member to reveals what she has been listened lately: “On the last days, I have listened the George Kollias latest álbum, named as “Invictus”, and it´s powerful. I have been listening Aborted (I have been listening them since one year ago, almost everyday). Also, I knew a band calle Wromrot from Singapura they are really good! Outside Metal, i like Bourbon Crow, a country project from Wednesday 13´s bassist.”

When the subject is the brazilian Metal, Mylena doesn´t forget to mention the biggest Death Metal band on brazilian scene, Krisiun, besides other important bands “About national metal, Krisiun, obviously, is the best brazilian death metal band nowadays. Also, i like and I listen frequently, Cauterization, Revolted and Amen Corner (this one i just knew when Sinaya was interviewed at Radio UOL) and Inheritours. Well, has a lot of good brazilian bands, but these are that i listen most.

The lead guitarist Renata Petrelli and addicted fan of Alice in Chains and Ghost, reveals: ” Nowadays, i certainly can say that not all bands that I usually listen are extreme Metal, but give me a lot of influences to compose our songs”. Between the brazilian bands that she likes, metionate Krow ” band from my friends from Minas Gerais that deserves a lot of recognition, cause they do it pretty well and are powerful on stage” an Hellmotz from Mato Grosso do Sul, and inside the Metal stronghold, declares your love about Testament, Kreator and Megadeth. Between heavier bands she mentions Bloodbath and the new Paradise Lost album ” The Plague Within”.

The Drummer Dutchi Dâty fires; “Has an album that I listen with often and i love its drums: “False”, from Gorefest!” Her brazilian favorite bands focus on similar bands to Sinaya: “I follow (with not so much often) the female metal bands: Haze, a thrash Metal band from Mato Grosso do Sul (this band im the founder/leader), the own Sinaya (that now i have the pleasure to be a member), Nervosa, a thrash metal band – both from São Paulo, Panddora, a heavy metal band from Paraná, Scatha a nice thrash metal band from Rio de Janeiro (both bands i have a good friendship), and the allmighty Valhalla, an important Female Death Metal band from Distrito Federal (i just have their albuns, but unfortunally i haven´t seen them alive).”

Camila Toledo, also a member of Final Nightmare band, have been listening the classic “Screaming for Vengeance” from Judas Priest: ” I like the bass lines on this album and is a kind of reference to figure out the bass lines on my other heavy metal band!”. Her national preference has been Armadilha band, from São Paulo. On Thrash Metal Scene she has been listening a lot of Onslaught and ends mentioning some of her unknown influences: “On day-by-day i listen to Kat from Poland and at work Peter Murphy, cause i think he is a genius and he flows a little bit softer”.

The debut release is scheduled to the 1st semester of 2016, the band keep working with Marcello Pompeu on Mr. Som Studio in São Paulo and during these following months they will play some gigs. The next one will be on september 26th, in Osasco, at “Ressaca Guaru Metal Fest” more infos on:

Official Website:


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